I am an "APO Native" Vermonter (born to Vermont parents on active military duty out of state) a unique designation invented and bestowed by Governor Dean Davis in 1968. Growing up in Vermont I did all of the usual Norman Rockwell stuff rural Vermont kids did, even including attending one day at the West Bolton one-room schoolhouse. Able to draw preternaturally well from a very young age, I was sometimes in trouble for drawing pictures in class instead of listening. My fifth grade art teacher, Mr. Kennedy, was the first person to tell me that I could become a professional. But science seemed to win out.


Inspiring exasperated eye-rolls from my staid, maternal grandfather in Proctor, Vermont, I found the critters and habitats of the shoreline microcosms vastly more interesting than barbing some hapless worm on a hook. That is, in essence, what led me to a degree in biology. However, my lab drawings led to illustrating for professors, and ... upon graduation, I headed for NYC with the goal of becoming the "Audubon of Bugs." After 16 years as a successful freelance advertising artist (the biological stuff didn't pay well), in 1994, I returned to Vermont with two brilliant young daughters and plunged headlong into wildlife art.


After years on the national art show circuit, I started a series of 20 wilderness art expeditions from Labrador - Alaska during which I moved back to West Bolton and captured a beautiful Canadian in Montreal.  Bonnie and I now live with the treasured beaver pond of my youth, Preston Pond, in the backyard and I am slowly realizing, after two summers of Covid-induced Vermont expeditions, that I do not need to hazard the perils of the far north to find artistic inspiration (though I do rather miss it sometimes - it's the adventure).   

Art, Adventure and Conservation

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Vermont 1978

  • Freelance Advertising Artist; NYC 1978 - 1994

  • Wildlife and Wilderness artist since 1994: nearly 100 shows from coast to coast with dozens of awards*.

  • Founder/Executive Director of the Wilderness River Expedition Art Fellowship (WREAF)
    (as of 2013, a program of the Center for Circumpolar Studies) working with the Smithsonian's Arctic Studies Center on a boreal forest exhibition.

  • Wilderness exedition canoeist, 20 art expeditions since 2001 (ten more before that, though the early ones weren't art oriented) sponsored by Mad River Canoe Company 2001 - 2007 and by PakBoats since 2012

Wildlife and Wilderness Artist

  1. Bennington Collective Master Artist

  2. Society of Animal Artist Signature Member

  3. Represented by Robert Paul Galleries Stowe, Vermont   

* Including

  • Best of Show: Pac Rim Art Show - Seattle, WA

  • Best of Show: California Open Wildlife Art Show - San Diego, CA

  • Best Waterfowl Award: Arts for the Parks Top 100 Show and National Tour - Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton NP, WY

  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore Award: Arts for the Parks Top 100 Show and National Tour - Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton NP, WY

  • Birds in Art Exhibition

  • SAA annual Art and the Animal Exhibition

  • Easton Waterfowl Festival

  • Art in der Natur - Netherlands

  • Nature in Art - UK


  Art Expeditions


  • 2021     June 9 - October 3: six weeks on Lake Champlain; end-to-end and around aboard the Artful Otter.     

  • 2020     September 16 - October 17: Long Trail, 273 miles End-to-End. 20 paintings.

  • 2019     All Year: Built a 21' x 24' two-story, post and beam barn.

  • 2018      Aug 3 - Sept 12 Trans-Ungava and Tursujuq National Park. Third known party across via the Melezes River since 1896.

  • 2017      May 4 - May 18 Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

  • 2016      July 29 - Aug 12: Ending the Beginning: Lower Missinaibi to James Bay

  • 2015      Aug 12 - Sept 2 (+/-): Northern Rim of the Boreal Forest Part III; Kobuk River to the Chukchi Sea.

  • 2014      Sept 13 - 20: 80-mile section hike on the Long Trail, MA - Wallingford VT

  • 2013      July 25 - August 25: Northern Rim of the Boreal Part II: Noatak River to the Kobuk River, crossing the Brooks Range via Angiaak Pass and on to Ambler, AK - adopted by two young black bears for two days and charged by a Grizzly. Account published in Alaska Magazine.

  • 2012      July 24 - Sept 2: Northern Rim of the Boreal Part One: Noatak River, Alaska; Lucky Six Creek to the Chukchi Sea.

  • 2011      Aug 1- Aug 30; "Heart of the Boreal"; Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

  • 2009      Sept 1 - Oct 3; "Trans-Labrador"; Lake Attikamagen Labrador - Nain, Labrador (300-mile canoe expedition; third party on the second half of route in 100 years)

  • 2008      Sept 29 - Oct 18; Lake Kamestastin, Labrador (base camp exploration of area)

  • 2008      Aug 31 - Sept 9; Slate Islands, Lake Superior (canoe expedition)

  • 2008      Jan 31 - Feb 15; St. Ignace Island/Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior (toboggan trip over the ice)

  • 2007      July 13 - Aug 4; Sleeping Giant to Rainbow Falls, Lake Superior NMCA promotion (canoe expedition)

  • 2006/07 Dec 18 - Jan 18; Lajitas, TX - Pecos River, Rio Grande (canoe expedition)

  • 2006      Aug 31 - Sept 20; Indian House Lake - Helen Falls; George River, Nunavik (canoe expedition)

  • 2005      Aug 23 - Sept 15; Indian House Lake - Kangiqsualuujuaq Ungava Bay, George River (canoe expedition)

  • 2004      Aug 30 - Sept 18; Chapleau River, Ontario (canoe expedition)

  • 2003      Sept 25 - Oct 9; Mattice, Ontario to Moose River Crossing, Missinaibi River and Moose Rivers (canoe expedition)

  • 2002      Oct 3 - Oct 12; Harricana River, QC (returned to start - dangerously high water and snow) (canoe expedition)

  • 2001      Aug 23 - Sept 14; Missinaibi Lake to Moose River Crossing, Missinaibi and Moose Rivers (canoe expedition)

river scene blurred edges.jpg

"Flowing North
Harricana River, Quebec

5x10 Acrylic plein air (finished in studio)