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Vermont's Long Trail 2020

With the border to Canada closed and therefore our usual plans to run a WREAF expedition shut down, it almost immediately occurred to me to come back to my roots. I had done much of the Long Trail over the years starting when I was a child but not the entire 273-mile length and certainly never all at once. 

Our boreal forest WREAF expeditions tend to be big, both of necessity and because that is what appeals to me. Vermont has no 300-mile wilderness rivers, but the "LT" is long, rugged, and world-famous. At my age and as a Vermonter, if I was to ever do it, this seemed to be the opportunity. So I decided to do the whole thing and, moreover, to make it an art trip like the WREAF expeditions.



DSCN9776 View West from the Great Cliff
DSCN9775 Sunrise from Theron Dean wbsz.j

View west from the Great Cliff of Mount Horrid                                       View NNW of sunrise from Theron Dean Shelter

DSCN1258 Shooting Star shelter erratic S
DSCN1264 First Frost Beaver Pond

Glacial erratic next to Shooting Star Shelter                                    Frost on a beaver dam south of Tillotson Camp

DSCN1289 Laraway Mtn Lookout wbsz.jpg
DSCN1260 Lake Memphrapmagog from Jay Pea

Left, view west from Laraway Mountain Lookout

Above: Lake Memphremagog from Jay Peak